About Us

Mission Statement:

"Triangle Payment Systems Inc vows to exceed our customers and partners expectations in delivering the best value for payment processing solutions and customer care for their businesses."

Triangle Payments Systems, Inc. was started by Burke Lipscomb and David Daly in May of 2005. After Mr. Lipscomb had worked in the payment processing industry for a few years he saw a serious need for a more customer service friendly industry. Starting in the Dallas Metroplex and Central Louisiana we began working with local merchants to provide better customer service and more cost effective ways for merchants to accept payment processing solutions. We do not only provide cost effective ways to save money but we help merchants understand the complex rate structure and charges so merchants can have the facts when it comes to the Payment Processing Industry.

Triangle Payment Systems, Inc. has been helping business process millions of dollars in transactions each month for a decade. TPS strives to maintain an elite customer service experience while providing the most cost efficient rates for our customers. We are dedicated in helping our customers achieve the maximum benefits in savings while still providing the ultimate service. Triangle Payment Systems, Inc. goal is happy and satisfied customers.